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NOPE - my review

I've watched NOPE yesterday and I don't regret it.

Before the movie show, I went for a coffee with my friends. During the conversation it turned out that we all have similar concerns - what if we go to a drama film? A kind of lazy trailer suggests it's a movie about UFO. But what's the trailer for a UFO movie without shooting lasers? Where are the American politicians? Where's the flag? Where's Duchovny? Probably the man saw something, but that's not what he thought. When he and his sister (charming Keke Palmer) started smoking weed, my thought was: yepp, now we got it.

We have Keke here and we have a suprise for fans of the genius Euforia series - Barbie Ferreira. She have a short episode, but enough. Such a number of scenes is ok, Barbie plays in her own style, they do not create her there for another Kat, but also does not differ much from the role that everyone associates her with.

OJ, played by Daniel Kaluya, creates the atmosphere of the film. What's with the title of the movie? The Polish original, with that unfortunate exclamation mark at the end (NIE!) doesn't help.But OJ explained. Once it would be enough, but you know, today the viewer is a bit excited and distracted. If he goes, like us, to the cinema at 9:00 pm, but doesn't stuff with caffeine before, he might not catch it. So OJ repeated it (from what I counted) three times.

The movie is as calm as OJ. I mentioned shooting with lasers before - forget about it. Nobody will shoot, nobody will scream. It's 2 hours of watching scenery like in a western movie, with an excellent soundtrack from Michael Abels. There is no character depth, during these 2 hours you will not get to know the heroes too well, no one will force you into family dramas.

The story is simple, but still interesting. This anxiety slowly grows. Night shots creates the atmosphere, but the director will also suprise you during the day. Don't be discouraged by the fact that you don't see much at first. There will be time in the second half of the movie to take a close look. There may be a small disappointment, probably everyone expects something different. And I can write this much, because everything else will be a spoiler.

In addition to the main topic, the subject of animals in the film industry is also discussed. And here's an alert for monkey lovers - when you see the preview of the chapter entitled "1998", go get the other Pepsi or just take a short walk. Who am I to tell you what to do? Ok, stay, your heart will break.

The ending is a bit disappointing, but there's no cringe. I was surprised they didn't show us the story after ending. Jordan Peele leaves the viewer room for imagine it. Unusual play in the new era, right? :)

I give 7/10. We agreed that Tarantino name may also be in a casts ;)

And what will the next weeks bring us? Below is a list of the upcoming premieres.


I loved Orphan (2009) and I'm  worried that new part would spoil this film. The fear increased when I saw the tuned poster promoting production. First thought: oh, they took new actress. And then I read that we would be able to see Isabelle Fuhrman again in the lead role. It'll be okay. Even if this part will suck, she'll do the job. You haven't seen the first part? You must see it!


The poster suggests that the main character is Scandinavian Damien from Omen, and according to the trailer, it promises to be a classic story about a child talking to something invisible. And he probably thinks it's a child, but this is going to be some final boss from hell? The music makes the atmosphere of Mother !, which I didn't like at all. Here they're talking something about being a mother -another similarity - coincidence or bad omen for the film? I'm curious, if Scandinavian cinema, as always, will defend itself with its wonderful, harsh, gloomy climate.


A story we like. Girl falls into suspicious company. It looks like some sectarian and bloody atmosphere. First thought is Archive 81 - good sign. Plus cute Thomas Doherty playing here. He was the only reason I ended the new Gossip Girl season. The film promises to be what it will bow to classics, but might want to, haha, take a bite of the topic from a different angle. Vampire atmosphere and crush in the lead role? Take my money!


Halloween (2018) really was a blow. Is it because I saw Myers on the big screen for the first time and my childhood memories came back? Probably so. There was no chemistry between me and Halloween Kills. Don't make him another immortal, okay? That if someone is so bad, it can't be human. Michael is damn human and the latest part naively questions that. That's why I'm afraid that 3rd part will strip away the charm of childhood. There are rumors that it might not be the last part. What's next? Hallooween Resurrection? Or collab with Jason and Freddy?


Has this fear been dormant in us for generations, or is it because of Nicholson and The Shining? Why when someone smiles so strangely, and we know that he did not smoke anything, we feel such discomfort? The trailer is filled to the brim with this discomfort and I am seriously thinking about going to a screening during the day, and then to watch a comedy or a fairy tale. Otherwise, the neighbors may have a screaming wake-up call at night. It took an idea from the Ring, but seems to be sicker. Trailer is an effective deterrent.

Are you planning to watch any of this movies? Let me know! :)



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