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Paul McGann's Shada

If none of you are aware, between 1979 and 2018, there were a lot of attempts to bring Shada to the Doctor Who audience. If you're not Classic Who fans, Shada was a Tom Baker story that was impacted by a production strike with days left of filming left to do, making it, for a while, the only Doctor Who story that was unfinished.

Nowadays, you're most likely to see the one where linking material is animated featuring the original cast. However, what I want to show off to you is a version featuring Paul McGann's Doctor who remembers "oh, we forgot to do something in 1979! Lets go back and do it!" featuring Romana (Lalla Ward). The reason this was made was because the writer was one Douglas Adams and he had died recently and so to tribute him "lets go back and finish the unfinished story."

I know this wont really gel well if you're more a Tom Baker fan (I'd imagine most are) or if you're more a New Who fan but I still think this is worth watching and preserving within the community. So...here's Shada (2003)

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