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Killjoy oc's here!

Post here literally anything related to ur killjoy oc!

Mine is:
Neon Ghost | They/he | bisexual

Here is their backstory:

He grew up living in Battery city with their single mother. At the age of ten, they, without realising the severity of it, broke one of the city's rules. This lead to scarecrow units turning his mother into a draculoid and replacing her with an identical robot. Tho the kid was secretly watching their mother's draculoidization from the other room . The child was obviously terrified with what he saw and started running, managing to leave the house. Scarecrow units were send to find him but he managed to find a hidding spot, getting away from them for the time being. Turns out tho that the place they were hidding was actually the home of a p0rnodroid, Yellow. She was a very kind hearted robot, and couldn't find herself giving the kid to scarecrow. So she decided that she would hide, and take care of him. Their living situation was terrible as Yellow was struggling financially. At this time the kid learned more about Battery city's drank side. He also learned about the killjoys, which admired a lot and was planning to join them when they were older. They managed to live like this for 5 years. Scarecrow units, which up until this point thought the kid was dead, spotted him and ended up taking Yellow away to destroy her, as a punishment for hiding the child. This was their moment- the 15yo now teen, with tears in their eyes started running again, in an attemt to escape battery city. Having studied maps of the city in the past, they managed to find their way out and into the desert. Tho after a while they started getting tired- He was alone with no idea were he was supposed to go. They tripped on  some rocks and fell, passing out. Luckily, they were found by the fab 4, who carried him to Dr.D's studio. When he was finally awake, Party Poison came closer to him and asked who they were. The teen, having in mind that they should have a code name, said "Ghost". Ghost used to be the nickname his peers would give them when they were back in battery city (in his early childhood). As they were opening their eyes, a box of neon dye caught their attention. Without thinking much, he added neon to his code name, as they thought it would be cool. "Neon Ghost"

Some art of them:

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Reply by tori <3



sorry idk how to make the photo work properly im kinda bad at computers

I havent given her a backstory or name yet so if anyone has any ideas that would be really cool!

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Reply by tori <3


Whoa also I think that backstory is super cool I love how you expanded on the comic’s ending

You both super creative and really good at drawing 

Gosh j love this fandom

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Reply by xX_H34th3r_Xx


(I dont have a picture bc its as if im a irl killjoy lmao)

Heyo! My name is Venom Rave. I was abandoned in the desert when I was a kid and I had to train myself and defend myself just to stay alive. as a kid, I would pickpocket anything just to survive and I know I shouldn't have done that, but I had no choice. I had to survive somehow. I found a Black Raygun in the desert, but it was just sitting there, belonging to no one. Of course, I took it as my own and trained myself how to use it. I'm now a 15 year old independent killjoy, travelling around the desert on my own. I live inside an abandoned Pharmacy that I call home and I am not in a group of killjoys like a lot of others. I dont know what is in stock in the future for me, but i do wanna see what's gonna happen

Remember, My name is Venom Rave, and fun is what i crave XOXO

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