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First Blood-I’ll die for you Blood
Five Layers of Teflon-That’s My Word
Five on it-who that/I need a Gun
Flat Line for my Homies-I’m Gonna Miss you Dog
Flatline-I’m Gonna Holler at You Later
Flatline-Yeah, I hear You
Flip the Clip-Pop that Niggas Head/Put in Work
Fo’Flats-Fucked Up
Foam Out the Mouth-Tell the Rest of the Bloods
Fool Falling Short-Not Knowing
For My Homies-I’m Gonna Miss You Blood
Forever Feeling-Love and Missing Kids
Forrest Gump-Dummy
Frank Nitty-Gangster Killer Bloods (set)
Freaky Tye-Blood Stone Villains (set)
Free Fire-We Be on the Yard
Freeze the Game-No, you the Man
Fubu-You’re off the Hook
Fuck What You Heard-We Got to Love Each Other
G Money-Snake, Hater, Fake
G stroll-visit
G.I-Play Your Position
G.S 300-You’re Right
G.S 400-You’re Wrong
Game Tested-No Doubt
Gang Related-Family
Gangsta Mac-Lay Low/Pull Back
Gangsta Me-Me-I Can’t be Faded
Gangsta Nip-Kill Them, 187
Gangsta Paradise-Queens
Gangsta Six-Shit is Hot/Real
Gangsta Stroll-Visit
Gangstaz Paradise-I Love My Set
Gator Mouth-You’re My Dog
George Jackson-I’m Heated
George Jackson-Stay On Point
Get your Guns Dirty-Put in Work
Ghost Story-War Story
Ghost Town-Bronx
Gimmie That Loot-He’s Got Beef
Global Hawk-Don’t Sleep
G-Mackin-Just Chilling Homie
Go Hard Set-SMM (set)
God Father Flow- I’m That Nigga
Godfather Flow-Real Niggas Don’t Die
Good Fellas-Only For the Fam
Got a Cigarette-I Need a Gun
Got Muzzle On-Broke
Got That Fool-You Da Man
Got You Open-He’s Lying
Greek fest At Jones Beach-Bloodin’ Ain’t Easy
Green Apples Just as Good-Tear His Ass Up
Green Flaggin-You’re Wrong
Green Street-Segregation
Ground Zero-Eat Food
GS 300-I Know
G-Shyne-Gangster Killer Bloods (GKB)(set)
G-Stacking Fool-I Be Doing My Thing
G-Stacking-Getting that Money
Guns Blow Fo Sho-My Hood
Guns Pointed At Me-Stressed
Guy Fisher-102 (rank)
Hail Mary-You’re Off the Hook
Half a Man-Not Knowing
Half a Man-War Stories
Half a Mile-Ox/Razor
Halle Berry-Talk
Hammer-Soldier (rank)
Hand on Da Cradle-Rock Him to Sleep, Then Eat
Hannibal Lector-Thinking
Hard Knock Life-Blood Rule
He Cop the Blu Benz-Violation
Hear None, See None-Speak in Code
Heart Break Hotel-Send That
Heart Break Hotel-She got fed/I hit it/porn books
Heat Seeker-Dead Boy
Heat Stroke-Porn Book
Heaven or Hell-I’m Going to Miss You
Heavy metal-Keep it Real
Hell on Earth-Auburn (location)
Hewey P. Newton-Angry
Hezbollah-Everybody Killer
High Beams and Fogs-Watch Your Back
High Siding-Just Kicking It
Hit the F.D.R-Bounce/Leave
Hit you With a Super Soaker-I Got Love For You
Hitting 4 Burners-Play Rec/Yard
Ho bang-Fuck Everybody Else
Hollywood-That’s My Dog
Homie-Blood Brother
Hooptie-Stolen Ride
Hot 97-Talk
Hug Your Cousin-Rock Him to Sleep, Then Eat Him
Hungry and Homeless-Broke
I & I-Much Love Right Back
I.N.G-It’s War
I’ll be in the car waiting-you better get him before I do
I’m Not Gotti-Don’t Try to Play Me
I’m saying Doe-Good Looking
If I Can See It, I Can Be It-Talk In Codes
In Stereo-Don’t talk, Just Listen
Intercom-See What He About
It’s About to Rain-Watch Your Back
J.D revenge-Real G’s Don’t Die
J-30-Be on Point
Jack in the Box-When You Go to Court
Janet Jack Me-Don’t Fuck My Shit Up
Jennifer Lopez-No Gun
Jim Beam-What’s Poppin Dog

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