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Taditional comic book art tips to share

Posted by MetallValkyrien


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Hello, I have
been messing around with making traditional comics, but I am looking
for some tips with paper size,  digital files, then how that effects
If you are experienced, how do you handle physical paper sizes, digital files sizes and specs, and how does it affect printing.  More of less what is you work flow form start to finish and how you set up?

Also another tips for making sure the color matches or how big text should be (text seems to be my biggest issue)
Thanks and I hope to talk to fellow artists

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Reply by NinjaKat2


spaghetti paper

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Reply by Ayeden


First and foremost, a traditional comic book artist needs to have a solid foundation in the art of drawing. The process starts with a pencil and paper, so you need to be proficient at laying down lines in order to create images that express what you want them to. Meanwhile, you can hire BestAssignmentServices for your academic work as this process can take a while. The more convincing your drawings are, the more believable your characters and story will be. This means you need to be good at sketching scenes out of your head, and rendering objects as they appear in real life.

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Reply by Deacon


I have to admit I'm not the most skilled when it comes to traditional comics, but I can at least tell you what size paper is (reportedly) the industry standard. For superhero comics, at least. Artists usually use 11x17 inch bristol board, with a 10x15 inch rectangle measured off for the panels.

As for the rest, I'm not really equipped to answer that. But! I know a few good places to start. The youtube channel Cartoonist Kayfabe is great about the nitty gritty of making comics traditionally, and I know they have some playlists with videos that should help you out there. There's also the website of Todd Klein, an expert letterer. If there's one thing that makes a comic scream amateur, it's poor lettering... trust me, I'm no good at it.

Best of luck on your cartooning journey, champ! I wish you well o7

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