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In your opinion, how do you rank the Lemon Demon albums?

I think it would be a fun idea to rank Lemon Demon from y'all's most to least favourite, just to see what the general consensus is for best album is.

===Here's my list===

  1. Spirit Phone (2016)
  2. Hip To The Javabean (2004)
  3. Nature Tapes (2014)
  4. Dinosaurchestra (2006)
  5. View Monster (2008)
  6. I Am Become Christmas (2012)
  7. Damn Skippy (2005)
  8. Clown Circus (2003)
  9. Live From The Haunted Candle Shop (2003)

Post yours in comments!

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Reply by redrevelry


I haven't listened to all of them (dont yell at me im lazy), but Spirit Phone is an easy #1 with I Am Become Christmas as a CLOSE 2nd, nature tapes 3rd, view monster 4th and the dinosaurchestra ones further down (still not bad tho)

EDIT: just relistened to dinosaurchestra and i was a fool. it is absolutely #4

full list in an easier order;
1- spirit phone
2- become christmas
3- nature tapes
4- dinosaurchestra
5- view monster

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Reply by Kara✮


Hmmmm honestly i haven’t listened to his more obscure albums but probably

1.) view monster

2.) damn skippy

3.) spirit phone

4.) I am become christmas

5.) dinosaurchestra 

6.) nature tapes

7.) hip to the java bean (just cuz i haven’t listened to it much)

This was so unfairly hard to rank wtf

also ik this was posted awhile ago lol

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Reply by zoindexter


Hip To The Javabean (2004)

Dinosaurchestra (2006)

Live From The Haunted Candle Shop (2003)

View Monster (2008)

Damn Skippy (2005)

Spirit Phone (2016)

Nature Tapes (2014)

Clown Circus (2003)

I Am Become Christmas (2012)

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Reply by Izzy


1) View-Monster

2) Spirit Phone

3) I Am Become Christmas

4) Nature Tapes

5) Damn Skippy

6) Dinosaurchestra

7) Hip to the Javabean

8) Clown Circus

9) Live from the Haunted Candle Shop

A lot of this was just based off of how many songs I like from the albums, don't attack me!!

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