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hello everybody !

i guess this could just be a forum where people can introduce themselves ... go wild ! B) 

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Reply by codequirk


hi ! im codey ! my pronounz are it / he / code / zcript / lizp / python / clown / honk . i uze a typing quirk . im not zuper open about my opinionz , and don't call myzelf radqueer , but i am propara , profic , and pro-tranzidz . hopefully thiz becomez a more active group :]

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Reply by 弓彦


hii !! im a fictive in a fictive heavy system ^_^ im propara, transid, radqueer and anti censorship!! im also dyslexic so for anyone who has complicated typing quirks please do typing quirk translations !! (typing quirks like just replacing the s with a z is fine, i can read it just fine!!) my special interests are ace attorney, undertale, roblox n prolly more... i really hope this group becomes more active one day !! (^∇^)

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