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If you got cursed and turned into a gorgon would you choose to turn back

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I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t want the snake on my head to dye I’d feel really bad and also I think it would I be really cool like obviously I love emo hair but you would be so unique if you had the also I love this pic of Medusa I’m gonna have to get purple eyes now question aslo if u where in love with me would u still date me if I had snakes for hair like imagine I was using magic to hid the fact that I had snakes for hair Wouk you still live me if I was a gorgon if you liked boys and where dating me ? heres the art of Medusa I just love this piece https://www.reddit.com/r/GreekMythology/comments/p906tv/medusas_curse_mostly_being_a_gift_of_athena_who/

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An excuse to permanently work from home and wear oversized hats everywhere? Sign me the fuck up

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a gorgonzola

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