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No matter what demons we face on the outside and within we have to keep going ! youtu.be/TUq4F95e4HE
I hate how I look i really do I haven’t been happy since I was a child but there are things I love about this planet the forests and the emos so I have to stay alive to experience those things and maybe one day I’ll make a sculpture of an emo boy with wings in resin in the woods maybe 2 boys kissing and one of them will look like how I thought and hoped my face would turn out , like I’m pretty much gonna be a vtuber and not show my face which breaks my heart but I can’t express u I am like this I hope to have a boyfriend to make life more bearable and live aslong as biologicaly possible but I hoped to be in a band and have music videos and stuff but i just can’t seek that out anymore nothing anything can say or amount of glory could ever make me feel great about myself but at least I’m still capable of loving someone else

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hurt seems never ending and while pain is inevitable, so is love. its impossible not to find it whether it be for your passions, family, friends, pets, phenomenons, or someone else. its impossible not to fall in love. i am so proud of you for being able to find reason to live in what you enjoy. all we’re really here for besides love is to learn everything we can. even if you think youre ugly, your tenderness is very admirable and is more and more often nowadays seen as more attractive than conventional beauty standards. i can tell youre gonna be worth a great deal to someone if you arent already.

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