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☠How do I look like Avril Lavigne?☠

Posted by TheJoanna


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dark colors.

   Any dark, solid colored tank tops work
well, and you can wear two tanks at the same time with both of them showing.
For a unique Avril look, put crazy pins on your shirt and pants. Wear boys
shirts, cargo pants or baggy jeans.


 2. Dye your hair. 

     If your hair isn't already blonde,
consider dying your hair blonde. Choose one strand of hair that is at the front
of your face and dye that strand hot pink or black hair.


 3.Get converse shoes or high tops.

     They are easy to find and are a
great accessory with Avril's look. Toms are okay too as long as they are black
or white or hot pink.Wear some black skate shoes. Get brands like DC's, Vans,
and black high-top Converse.



     Wear silver jewelry. Avril wears a
lot of bold jewelry, and remember, to save money, the jewelry doesn't have to
be real silver, it can be silver-colored.Wear studded belts with cool
buckles.Wear lots of red and black bracelets. Do not forget the solid-coloured
sweatbands and spike bracelets.



  •      Apply some foundation. Avril's skin
    usually looks flawless, so buy some foundation and apply it evenly on your

  • Start to create the smokye eye. Apply your eyeshadow.
    Put a grey colour all over your eyelid, and then apply black eyeshadow
    along your outer eyelid(if you want to, add sparkles, like Avril does on

  • Top off your eyes with mascara. Use about two coats of
    volumizing mascara (make sure that your lashes don't clump) on both the
    upper and lower lashes. 

  • Put on some blush. Avril Lavigne uses extremely light pink
    blush. Dust some blush on the apples of your cheeks. 

  • Use nude lipstick. Because Avril always wants the focus to
    be on her eyes, she tones down her lip color. She usually wears light,
    natural colors. Do not go with anything that is too red, unless you want
    to look like her in the video "Hot".


-AN EXAMPLE-  youtube video

 Avril outfil idea

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