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The Case of Lacey Ellen Fletcher

Posted by karely


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I was wondering if anyone else knew about this case. I only recently heard about it even though this happened back in the beginning of the year. For anyone who hasn't heard or read about it, essentially back in January, Laceys body was found in her parents living room where she was fused to the couch. There are a lot more details to the story, but to keep it short, essentially what had happened was that Laceys parents had kept her on that couch in the same spot for what is believed to be 12 years. The story of what happened is truly disgusting and disturbing and it just made me wonder why I hadn't heard about it until much recently.

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Reply by sammy


Is this the case where a young girls body was found pretty much embedded inside of the couch? 

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Reply by kornelia 🦇


The case is really weird and confusing. I've seen a lot of people say she had lock-in syndrome but that wouldn't make sense because she was able to swallow the couch cushions and her own f3c3s but then again if she was functional why didn't she move at all to change position on the couch etc.? She had awful bed sores and unless you move even an inch there is no possibility of getting them. 

Her parents are definitely liars and whatever had happened to her they are fully responsible.

I reccomend watching Rotten Mango's video on this case on youtube they break it down well

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