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Help needed with finding suitable tools for my site

Posted by Sepan


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Hello everyone, I need a recommendation. I am currently building a website for my small shop. Doing it myself using Shopify as I can't hire a developer - my budget is limited. I want to add some features to the site and I plan to do it with the help of plugins, but it was difficult to choose the right ones - there are too many of them, and I don't know what to choose. I need:

1. A plugin for posting pictures on my site.
2. A plugin for posting customer reviews on my site.
3. Site search plugin.

I will be glad to receive your recommendations, thanks in advance.

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Reply by malcolm anderson


I understand why you chose the Shopify platform. It is very popular nowadays because of its simplicity and cheap price. But still, many companies hire Shopify experts to get a high-quality website. It's not always possible to understand all the details yourself.

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