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found footage

sooo im gunna start off by saying i have no idea how forums work, this is my first spacehey post bUt

any other fans of found footage films out there? i havent met many, usually i find horror fans are not very fond of found footage, i dont blame them, the popular/ wellknown ones are paranormal- paranormal activity, blairwitch. its not that i dislike horror movies about ghosts and possessions, its just to me they seem to follow the same predictable formula. but thats just my opinion, not all found footage movies with a plot involving some sort of haunting i find boring, like the taking of deborah logan, next of kin (ik im contradicting my first statement but im happy i saw this one), there are a few others but i want to start talking about what i came here to post.

so i was hoping maybe here we can post found footage films that arent as wellknown as others and some that stand out from the rest (also if you can state where to watch) so ill start off with my favorites.

  • Frankenstein's Army (2013) amazon prime
  • webcast (2018) amazon prime
  • home movie (2008) youtube
  • Followers (2017) tubi, amazon prime
  • the sacrament (2013) amazon prime
  • the taking of deborah logan (2014) tubi, vudu, amazon prime
  • the houses october built (2014) amazon prime
  • quarentine (2008) amazon prime

im wayy too tired to finish but hopefully i can come back to update later, if so and i find someone has commented a goOd flick(hopefully someone sees this) ill put it on my list here so others can watch it for themselves.

also if you have any comments or opinions or personal takes on any of these movies please go ahead and speak your mind, i love to talk about horror movies

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Reply by Hunter's Cyberspace


Tbh found footage films aren't rly my forte xD

I just watched Rec (2007) tho and it was pretty good! PLEASE don't watch the english dub tho trust me ^^

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Reply by madi


Found footage horror scares me. It's probably the only subgenre in horror that really gets under my skin. Some spooky recs are Creep (2014), As Above So Below (2014), and The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007). I literally just shivered typing those out.

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Reply by Lis


ok ill try and make this a short as possible because i have A LOT to say.

the first one id recommend is grave encounters. i mostly like this one for the aesthetics and interesting slow burn but i have to say the jump scares can get you at the worst times. theres also a second one but id say the first one has my heart.

the second one is my all time favorite called as above, so below. it was based of a book and has heavy symbolism and LOTS OF LORE! everything makes sense, it constantly keeps you on edge, the jump scares are actually unexpected and every little details matters. other then a bit at the beginning, there isnt a second you arent completely entranced.

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Reply by leo ^_^


i love found footage ! i think my fav is probably as above so below but i also love creep ! as above so below was rlly intense and creep just left me speechless half the time

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Reply by Bebop


I recently started watching this type of movies but I'm surprised at how good they can be. I recommend Rec, Gonjiam Haunted Asylum and Incantation

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Reply by Seth


The Gable Films.

They're actual found footage, scavenged from boxes at a flea market.

No big budget, shot on 7mm film IIRC, creepy as hell with no context.

Do me a favor, if you're gonna watch them, don't watch any videos of people trying to "explain" or "debunk" them, and don't even watch those afterward. Just watch the original tapes and realize the context surrounding them - that someone just stumbled upon these and had no explanation for them.

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