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thoughts on jen being fired + new lineup?

Posted by malice


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as of three days ago, jen majura was fired from evanescence without explanation. i personally feel real bummed out about it and a bit confused and ticked off at the band considering we have no explanation. as for the lineup change, i can't wait to see tim on guitar after being on bass for nearly 20 years and i'm real excited to see emma anzai as their new bassist. please do not use this as an excuse to be a dick to anyone involved (claiming that amy is a cold hearted dictator, assuming amy or jen was being difficult, trashing emma, spreading rumors and false info, etc).

edit: yeah i see why we had no explanation lol. she was leaking band related things to a groupchat of fans, i think she deserved to get fired for that.

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Reply by ☆Lauren☆


I’m really sad to see Jen go. I thought she was a great addition to the band and she just seemed like a kind person all around. I think it’s a little sus that they kicked her out so suddenly and immediately replaced her, especially since she’s been in the band for like 7 years.

Since the band didn’t really provide much of an explanation, it kinda seems like they just kicked her out because Will wanted to play guitar, and I think, if that’s the case, I feel really bad for Jen being out of a job that she was so excited to have.

I’ve seen a lot of people calling Amy a dictator amongst the fandom for how much the Ev lineup changes, but I don’t think those kinds of accusations are fair since no one really knows what goes on behind the scenes except those involved

TL;DR: I just think the situation sucks and I’m sad for Jen. However, I will always stan Evanescence and I look forward to seeing where they go from here. I hope Jen is able to find a new band so I can continue to support her endeavors as well.

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