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Amazing coaches and mentors for musicians who want to step up the game. Bulletproof! ;)

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Hi there!
I'm an independent musician with 15 years of active experience in the show business (but I was born into this sh*t so its 31y passively). Had my ups and downs but mostly I lurk somewhere in the underground and the alternative scene.
During this whole covid crisis I'm using my time to prepare for the time after the lockdown and I have come upon some really interesting stuff during the last year.
I met some superb coaches and mentors who help me big up the game and I'm very happy we got into contact. I can feel myself growing and perfecting myself as an artist with the help of some great people who I'd like to mention here.
Probably some of you might feel yourself stuck at some points in your career... There are some very nice people out there waiting to lend you a hand, great teachers. :D

Mrs. Ella Ray
She is my main teacher, a voice mentor. I've been her student for a good year now and I must say I am amazed. This person is the living lexicon of knowledge of music and everything related to it. She helps me not only to find my voice and perfect it but also to find myself and my true lifes mission. I can hardly imagine not to work with her anymore. She is very understanding and has a great feeling for her students. I love to attend her classes like never before (I always hated school till now).
If you would like to get in contact with her, you can do it through her Facebook pages Ella Ray, soundstonez and/or join her free singing school group on FB where I'm also a part of How to find your voice.
If you don't like the Zucc there are also: Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Website or perhaps write an E-mail to: info@soundstonez.com

Mr. Tim Charron
Also a great, friendly, very communicative and generous artist, an active Rock performer, who has also been working with the great EM. He is a great mastermind in the arts of booking. I attended his school called "How to book gigs" and I must say it's been a-ma-zing! I can only say, If you want to book gigs like a pro, get in contact with this great teacher and join his course whenever it will be available again. His teachings are 100% bullet proof. :D By following his tips and tricks I had gotten myself a reoccurring gig opportunity without any professional videos or recordings.
I advise getting in contact to every performing musician who would like to get overbooked. :) You can find him over at his Facebook pages Tim CharronTim Charron Band, his Official Website or The How to book gigs website or perhaps write an E-mail to: nashvillehits@yahoo.com

Mrs. Kristine Mirelle 
I stumbled upon Mrs. Mirelles funny commercials over at the FB and found them so hilarious I said to myself "fu*k it, I'm buying this course. Aaaaand It was worth it. A lot.
She is a mastermind of publicity. Although we didn't have lots of personal interaction I'm very happy to have bought her book. Just by briefly following her advice I received not one but two press releases publisher in one of our national independent media sites. Again with no professional videos, recordings, or photos. Everything made by me. Not good quality. :D Haha.
Her course/book is called "Get viral" and she also just like Tim and Ella give away lots of helpful free content, so it's very smart (and profitable) to check out everything from them even if you don't want to spend any money (although every dollar spent will come back 10 and more times, they are totally worth it, all of them).
So if you wanna get in contact with Mrs. Mirelle, you can do it here:
Facebook, Official website or Youtube 

I hope I could be useful! Prosper much, don't look back! :)
For all questions... Hawk is there for you! :D
Supastars unite! :D

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