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Why do you collect VHS tapes?

Posted by _Going_to_Gerany_


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What got you into collecting VHS tapes?
 If you were a kid from the 80s & 90s then you probably do it for nostalgia. 

I'm not a kid from the 80s or 90s, but I still collect VHS tapes.
I like to watch movies on VHS because you don't need a subcription for it,
and there not expensive and you can keep them for as long as 
you want, and there cool!

Question: Why do you collect VHS tapes 

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Reply by Hatch


1. Nostalgia
2. Hoarder tendencies
3. Im a huge hipster and believe that VHSs will, at some point within 5 years, undergo the comeback Cassettes have and companies will start to sell fresh VHS tapes again, Believe You Me
4. One day when they degrade enough Ill be able to record them and itll look real fuckin cool

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Reply by Data


I've just always liked them. I love the imperfections in the video and the idea of the media being purely analog. Plus it's just a bit of nostalgic fun :]

I also find it fun to find sold-as-blank tapes to see what's on them! usually it's old tv recordings but those are still really fun, it's like a time capsule

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Reply by Davey Treen


Movies on VHS just have personality. Just something about owning a physical copy of a movie you love as opposed to an iTunes purchase. My grandma owned a bunch of tapes but her VCR ate one of my fave tapes (cartoon 101 Dalmatians) rlly traumatic. I still loved and wanted to collect VHSs. Fast forward a few years… I had bought a TV/VCR combo and Titanic on VHS for like $7 total because I was at the thrift store and that morning saw a Titanicfan97 reel. That’s when I decided to start collecting. It’s been about 5 months and I haven’t looked back.

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