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scene kid clothingz

hi ! ive always been into scene subculture-- where do you recommend i shop at? also, do i need the hair :P?? I have curly and wavy hair but i dont wana straighten it to prevent damage :<

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Reply by Tate_



Sadly I have no recs for stores, BUT!! You do not need to do the hair!! I’ve got curly hair, and don’t wanna damage it, so I don’t do it!

I’m pretty sure the clothes is enough if wanted! :)

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Reply by ♡ applesauce666


hii !!

i buy a lot of my clothes at goodwill and other thrift stores. shop in the young girls section for good scene outfitz. 
as long as u use good conditioner and care for ur hair after washing it, it should stay the same. just don’t consistently straighten it. but dying ur hair works well too. dye doesn’t damage hair, the bleach does. 

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Reply by $YD


If you don't want to mess with your hair much leaning more into hair accessories is a great option! Bows and clips are awesome because you can get good ones from pretty much any store that caters to femme fashion regardless of what the style they're marketing to is

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