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Gender Dysphoria, Gender Euphoria, and Gender Envy

Posted by Cell.Body


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I know a lot of people with gender dysphoria, gender euphoria, and/or gender envy. I would like to know some of y'all personal experiences with this sort of stuff. I'll go first.

I've never felt unsatisfied with the way people refer to me as. If you ask, I'll tell you my name and pronouns. If I tell you and you slip up, that's fine. If you refuse to call me by my name and don't use my pronouns, I leave the conversation. I fell more happy as the person that I am. I feel happy when others refer to me by my name. But there's times where I feel envious of cis-men. The fact that they grow taller than cis-females, the fact that their voices are deeper, and the fact that they don't have boobs. 

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