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Tell me about yourselves!!

Posted by Malice


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Hi I just join the group and noticed there's nothing posted. Tell me about yourself and your tribes! 

I'll go first. I'm 18, Diné and two spirited. I go by he/him pronouns and I'm excited to meet other indigenous people :]

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Reply by Sundance


I'm forty two, sisseton Wahpeton red iron Lakota, crow creek yanktoni Dakota, dine and Chickasaw. Grew up in socal, indoctrinated to heyoka society at age four at the Christmas powwow that iron eyes Cody's wife and kid D's used to put on in eagle rock. He was Sicilian but his wife and kids are Lakota. Worked thru the American Indian registry for the performing arts as a kid where I was taught contract negotiations. Uhm. My mom worked on five hundred nations at pathways productions. My dad (step dad, redhouse and bitter water dine) and his family performed for most of theirs and all of mine as eagle spirit dancers and hale and co. My grandma Lucy (step dad's mother) was a longtime fry bread stand owner at powwows thruout so cal. My little sister tawny toured with native American dance theater and the dance troupe brule. My other sister Leya directs and produces documentaries out of Minneapolis pbs and has won a number of regional Emmys. Uhm. I've been involved with scifi fandom since I was eight and started going to conventions. I used to do trivia and announce upcoming conventions on talk trek, a defunct la based radio show about star trek. Oh! I know the Mandela effect is wrong because I spoke with nelson Mandela in Los Angeles in 1991 after apartheid but before he was elected president of south Africa. 

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