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Video game recs?

Posted by izombie420


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Reply by Haxxlim


I don't know what console(s) you have or what type of games interest you so I will recommend a few different games.

Dark souls:
I know that the souls franchise gets a bad wrap for being extremely difficult, but they really are worth playing. They have a lot of replay value due to the sheer amount of ways to play and you can get them for a very fair price because of their age. With the recent release of Elden Ring, many people are getting into the Souls franchise as well, meaning that it can also be used as an easy conversation topic online. Also, if you like Berserk, Dark Souls is very heavily based on it.

Warframe is a high mobility, high octane third person shooter. It is free to play and on pretty much every console, allowing for easy access. It is a game with a lot of varied content and customization. I've spent hours upon hours, just customizing the look of my frames. I would recommend it, but it can be pretty grindy and content can be slow to release.

It is really good but I have thalassophobia, making it hard for me to finish the game. Still would recommend it though.

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Reply by mars


depends on what kinda games u enjoy.

if ur into any dungeon crawlers i would recommend the game hades, super fun and pretty much endless gameplay but it is repetitive if that's something that bothers you.

if you like indie games, night in the woods is a really good, story-driven, and emotional game.

if you like first person shooters, destiny 2 is my personal favorite but there are tons like overwatch, titanfall, valorant, etc.

for open world, breath of the wild, red dead redemption series, the witcher series, terraria - all good games.

for MMORPGs guild wars 2 is my personal favorite, but theres tons others.

hopefully thats enough suggestions haha :p

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