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nine inch nails recs?

Posted by ziggy


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hey guys !! i just kinda got into nine inch nails and does anyone have any good song recs? ofc i already know the more popular songs but maybe there are some hidden gems nobody really talks abt or maybe bands similar or in relation with nin? 

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Reply by Ramm


NIN is more in the industrial category, but I think their first album, Pretty Hate Machine, gets overlooked. I have it on vinyl.

Also as you're on the industrial route, check out Ministry. And KMFDM. Highly recommend both.

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Reply by teeth


yeeesss here’s some of my favorite deeper cuts:

the mark has been made (the fragile)

discipline (the slip)

less than (add violence EP)

self destruction pt.2 (further down the spiral)

the line begins to blur (with teeth, also not their most popular album but is EXTREMELY GOOD)

shit mirror (bad witch)

last (broken EP)

something also worth checking out is suck by pigface ft. trent on lead vocals

nine inch nails has a lot of material, i still haven’t listened to all of it haha 

happy listening!!

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Reply by lilithgoreeee


big man with a gun is one of my favorites rn u should check it out

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Reply by trent/wyatt :3


Okay so here's a list of my favorite NIN songs:

--> Ringfinger - pretty hate machine

--> Terrible Lie- pretty hate machine

--> March of the Pigs- forgot album name lol

But yeah, pretty hate machine is a pretty solid album, probably my favorite, ik there's so much more I could dig into but rn my minds at a blank. If you're looking for another good band I highly recommend Ministry, I love almost every album, some songs are heavier than others but it's just (chef kiss). Anyway hope you enjoy!

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