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Any glow up tips?

Trying to change it up a bit! What are some things that I (or people in general) can do to switch up their look or change their personality a bit?

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Reply by nicky star emoji


find your undertones and adjust wardrobe/jewelry accordingly

be selective, think about what you like in every single decision you make
respect the objects of fashion and what they bring to you and your life

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Reply by Sticky Nicky


Branch out into patterns and colours. All black looks sleek as hell but find the colours that shout to you, even if it's thru make up or painting your nails.

Enjoy the process of picking an outfit and putting things together.

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Reply by bella


i recomend being patient with yourself, because sometimes people want a glow up but they are still too young, like i was ugly asf but now im good, but if you want tips learn how to do your makeup, like watch tutorials but learn what your skin needs, what looks good on you, etc. And dont forget that what looks good on camera not always look good on real life :)

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Reply by saudade


for clothes you can try find your season, this is a link for a test https://test.khooa.com/.

maybe get your ear or face pierced.
try to unfollow all the people on social that u think they give u a bad vibe.
get your hair healthier if is damage.
maybe try some light exercise, nothing too hard.

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Reply by 96haato/Ryn


super late to the party but here goes ^^

> you don't need a full 20 step 5 hour skincare routine, but please please please wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days. It's gonna save your skin in the long run

> I know others have talked about undertones for ~fashion purposes~, but they're also important if you choose to wear makeup. Make sure whatever product you're using matches your skin shade and undertones, especially for face products like foundation and concealer

> If you choose to shave, make sure to exfoliate the area beforehand and apply moisturizer or lotion afterwards.

> The block and unfollow buttons are your friends, especially if you feel like someone is being toxic to you or others.

> Hydrate or diedrate!

> If you want to loose or gain weight, talk to your doctor and only do it in moderation. Fad diets and starvation diets will only hurt you.

> Have some confidence in yourself! You put in the effort to actually change yourself for the better, be proud about it!

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Reply by Liaaa


This will sound cheesy as hell but a big thing that can really change you is just taking good care of yourself mentally. I’ve not only felt my best but looked my best too when I finally started taking better care of my mental well-being. 

Make time for yourself, set boundaries, cut ties (if possible) with toxic people, don’t waste your time on internet discourse and arguments, change any negative mindsets into positive ones through any technique that works for you, exercise (it doesn’t have to be extra, just taking walks outside is enough), and just be nice and patient with yourself. Everything else, the clothes, the makeup (if you want), personality, will come naturally. 

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Reply by Xo_Zozo


Find your scent. Some people don’t think it’s important but to me it definitely is, to look good is one thing but to have a greats and satisfying smell is another.

Find your perfume that really matches you and the season. Fall = warm, spice, heavy scents. Winter = smooth, cooling, airy scents. Spring = woodsy, floral, soft scents. Summer = subtle, citrusy, sweat scents.

And your scent routine should also include the way your hair smells and what soap you use and how you use it. Antibacterial soap to clean and rid of bacteria that creates BO. A soap to soften, soothe, and moisturize skin. And then finally a scenting soap to give a subtle undertone, make sure that scent matches  or enhances your perfume. You may be thinking that a soap that does all in one is good, it’s not, it never works well all together. Like if you have an all in one that soap will have refine in it but also with antibacterial that you would need for your sensitive areas but unfortunately perfume + special areas is BAD, destined for Ph unbalance. 

I hope this helps! <3

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Reply by jelly


hi, i just graduated beauty school last month, surfed the internet a lot bcoz i’ve been insecure, and lastly, i read True Beauty lol. Here r my tips:

-trying to change your style but can’t afford to change your entire wardrobe immediately? Start small, like changing your hair, a piercing, or accessories. Buy pieces that will go with clothes u already have (ex. coquette top + jeans u already own)

-easy daily makeup for beginners, use a bb cream/tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, sheer blush(u can also use it on ur eyelids or ur nose), and clear mascara. Practice before u shower, not before going outside or else you’ll be like Jugyeong lmao

-If u have trouble finding your foundation shade, that’s ok, our skin isn’t composed of just one color, that’s why we have blush & contour/bronzer, personally i just mix 2 foundation shades that seemed like the closest match to me.

-make sure to cleanse well and use a toner to balance your skin’s pH

- If u have deep acne scars, get microneedling

-for hormonal acne/zits with no pustule, a chemical peel can help u out

-swap milk choco for dark choco, and swap candy for fruit. eat junk food in moderation

-don’t eat too many unhealthy carbs

-wash your pillowcase and don’t pick at your skin, as tempting as it is, get pimple patches, even a pimple popping toy/app. Resist the urge! 

-always try to find time to de-stress, even if it’s just a few minutes throughout the day. Kind of like Batman’s polyphasic sleeping. Take a couple of deep breaths. You’ll look & feel better, but a quick way to de-puff, u can rub an ice roller/cold spoon on your face

-get some good rest, sleep produces collagen so your skin can heal. Sleep deprivation disrupts hormones and restricts blood flow. When i lack sleep my skin gets so oily, but when i wake up from the best nap ever it’s so soft

-exercise will help a lot, for health, energy, mood, and mobility. Tho make sure to wash up after sweating and change into clean clothes

-tailored clothes

-and lastly, hype yourself up!! Listen to songs that make u feel badass, imagine ur in a girlsgogames dress up game while ur getting ready. Self-image is the most crucial part of glowing up. You’ll only perceive yourself as good-looking when you realize it, that’s when you’ll glow✨

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