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heard my mom's voice even but it wasn't her. (STORY)

Posted by ALT CAT


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background: this was a couple of years ago and it was around 3am when this happened. It's not uncommon for someone's mind to fill in blanks when there's little sound of it being a loved one's voice, plus my sound machine was on (it's basically a white noise maker). Though, combined with that, I'm.. a bit skeptical it was just my mind filling in blanks.

I'm having one of those nights I can't shake off the feeling I'm being watched and stared at, specifically from this one corner I have always gotten an "off" vibe from. I was trying to get to sleep and I uncovered myself a little and saw a weird shadowy sihloette come from my bathroom (it's connected to my room via the kitchen and my mom tends to wake up at off hours, so not too weird so far) and I hear my mom's voice say my name. I call out "Mom???" no response. I immediantly got chills and started getting mental images of general gore and all that shit. (I'm not sure if it's just from that experience or if it's my anxiety riddled brain.) I put my head under my covers but god, that corner, i.. couldn't shake off the feeling. I also felt as though I was being watched from above my desk. I don't like the dark much already, but this sent me a bit over the edge. 

hours later, i text my best friend at the time asking how i can clense my room because they dabble in witchcraft. This.. was the first time I had clensed my room, i put some protection symbols (at least two) behind a couple of posters and haven't had much of a problem since. It's been a while since then, but i have actively gone through the effort of clensing my glasses and a necklace i wear quite often and using intentions of protection. Plus, i have a protection spell jar at my window. To this day I still do not trust that corner. Call my paranoid all you want but it feels extremely invasive to feel like I'm being watched from there, it was a near constant thing before i clensed my room. 

 I haven't had any major problems since that night. I've had other experiences before with "shadow people" but I don't see anything of note. This is just a short spooky story i remember quite vividly. 

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Reply by KitKat


I like the story it is very creepy I love it

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Reply by scenemo.mess666


this happened to me with my sister creepy 

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Reply by meiyin


that's soso creepy. on multiple occasions i've heard my mom's voice trying to talk to me when i'm home alone and also the voices of a particular friend who moved to a different country. i wasn't sure if it was a paranormal experience or if i was hallucinating voices.

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