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rebuilding my closet

hii guys! i want to start building my closet bc i think it is time for a change. i literally have so many clothes, and not enough outfits. it's not like i have a specific aesthetic or anything. any advice? 

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Reply by ☆ Zahra ☆


Picture ur self feeling pretty and confident then look at what ur wearing. Are you wearing cool street clothes? Or maybe elegant old money Chanel? Perhaps sweet girly fairy dresses, or an awesome dark goth outfit, or even pastel goth. If that doesn’t  work I suggest going on a cheap website and buying one outfit each of each aesthetic you think you want and choose which one makes you feel more you, more confident. I suggest Alliexpress or shein their clothes r cheap n stuff but if you rlly can afford to buy regular clothes I think you should. 

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