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Your fave Underrated/Overrated Songs

What are some Lana songs that everyone loves but you hate or don’t care for, and some songs that everyone hates but you love or like?

I’ll go first:

I hate:
Lust for life (the song)
Watercolor eyes

I don’t care for:
Tulsa Jesus Freak
Sweet Carolina
Black Beauty

I love:
Florida kilos
Let me love you like a woman

I like:
Guns and Roses
Beautiful people beautiful problems
Tomorrow never came

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Reply by Patrona <3


I have a lot more songs that I reallllyyy like but I tried to keep it at 3 max lol

I don't like:
Body Electric
Gods & Monsters
Swan Song

I don't really care for:
Million Dollar Man
Guns and Roses
In my feelings 

I would die for these:
Young and Beautiful

I realllyy like:
National Anthem
Diet Mountain Dew
Video Games

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Reply by cass ♡


I hate:
Video Games
Text Book

I don’t care for:
Sad Girl
Terrence Loves You
Swan Song

I love:
West Coast
White Mustang
Fuck it I love you

I like:
Fucked My Way Up to the Top
Black Bathing Suit
God Bless America

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Reply by Blair


I hate:

this is what makes us girls

off to the races

I don’t care for:

blue jeans

young and beautiful 

video games

dark paradise 

groupie love

anything really from blue banisters 

I like:

pretty much the rest of her songs lol 

I love: 

carmen 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

sad girl


million dollar man 

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Reply by Areid ☆♏︎☆


honeymoon, once upon a dream, meet me in the pale mon, high by the beach, tv in black and white, and pawn shop blues 

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