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Bayonets for all stabbing needs [Collection]

Posted by Elise


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 These three beauties are the most recent additions to my historical collection! The two on either sides were easy for me to identify, both being US and one for the M1. The one in the middle though was quite mysterious to me. All I could figure that it had to be German. So, I did my research on it, more on that later.

The first one is a M1 bayonet produced by PAL. It was manufactured in 1943 and was used in WW2 and many years after. Blade is slightly less than 10 inches, presumably from sharpenings.

The last one, on the right, is the M7. Made in 1962, went to the 5.56 mm NATO caliber M16 assault rifle, although it could be used on other guns. The scabbard is the M8A1 model.

Last but certainly not least, is the middle German bayonet. Made in 1940, this is the S8498, the most widely issued German bayonet in the second world war. It was primarily used on the Karabiner 98 rifle. Unfortunately, I didn't receive it with a scabbard.

They are in decent condition, albeit a little rusty. They feel nice in my hands, though. Still very sturdy. The handles are still snug against the blade, and the two with their scabbards still fit in there nicely, the button release on the M1 bayonet still functions well. I'm so very happy to have these in my possession.

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Reply by Cub <3


May I ask where you found them? I only really find my stuff from yard sales, but where I live they really don't have any cool historic things. :(

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Reply by Elise


Hey Cub! These were actually given to me by my brother's father-in-law
(a Veteran) Once I told him about my collection, he decided I was the
best person to have them (I got super lucky.) For my other things I
normally go to estate sales, and yard sales as you mentioned. Also, ebay
is a great place to look if you know what to look out for. I have found
a lot of neat things on ebay, best advice I can give is once you find
something you really like, do a lot of research on it so you are less
likely to get duped.

Trust me, I live in the middle of nowhere, Texas, so I know how dry the barrel can be trying to get cool things lol.

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