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r&b music recs?

Posted by niyah


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im open to any artist, but preferably some new r&b girlies :)

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Reply by dandywd


Mahalia, UMI, and Orion Sun are names I don’t see too often. Mahalia’s LOVE & COMPROMISE album is amazing and has some 00’s samples on it, like “Oh Boy”, by Cam’Ron. UMI and Orion Sun are a mix of R&B and Neo-Soul and are both super unique. Orion Sun has a new EP out right now called “Getaway” that’s really good.

Somewhere around that realm, Remi Wolf is a good pick too. An Indie-Pop style with a focus on late 90’s to early 00’s that really works. (Her lyricism can be wild sometimes, but in a fun way) “wyd” off her debut album Juno comes to mind. That entire album was in my top ten last year.

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Reply by Suburban Guy


Jhene Aiko has good songs

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