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Chaos Deities

Does anyone in this group follow any chaos gods? I'm a follower of Setesh. Just wondering if anyone has good resources on deity work involving just the chaos gods? Any pantheon is fine.

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Reply by Fabian Dee


Not in particular tbh

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Reply by Rose Anthoney


I've been a Pope of Eris for a while now, enjoying all the discordian and esoteric shenaniganry that it allows.Β 

Β I always have been a huge fan of the Great Serpent and roiling universal chaos. I don't follow much on Nidhoggr, but it's good to be aware of it. (Observing the World Tree/universe's neural network helps a lot with understanding the reality of nature.)

I also pair my practice with the likes of Harmonia, Loki, Enki and Hermes/Thoth. I find that the Truth-seekers and Order-keepers are often some of the most delightfully chaotic paths to tread.Β 

As for modern gods, Miku and The Dude are my go-tos. They both entertain different aspects of existentialism.

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