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Story about a Girl

I’m going to tell you a story about a girl

She never understood the place she lived
called world.

There was a time in her life, she saw
happiness inside

But for some reason everyone around her
made her feel like a risk flight.

She couldn’t call for help
She couldn’t even pray

She cried herself to her misery
Until that the morning rain

This girl was forever corrupt
Without a doubt she said

One day I’m going to overcome this pain
And fight until I win!

That girl didn’t have no sparrows left she
Fought with what she can!

Her spirit ran high! Her faith was a bliss
This poor girl fought and and fought so
damn hard she put her hands into
A fist 🤜

I can , I will I won’t let myself down!

I’m going to win with every ounce I got left
and blow this world down!

She did
She won

She fought for her life!
She said she’s going to build a new world
that excepts you for you

No more crying babygirl
You can put your hands away

The only thing you need now
is God , Let’s pray!


I’m that Girl.

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This robot's name is 'The Robot.'

I'm not a robot.

But you are. I am your friend

And you're my hero.

You are the hero I will never lose

You are your friend."

She's not the same

As I said, I was always

a robot, a human, a

I am your hero.

But as you are my friend, you're

your hero

and you're my hero,

I'll always remember this

and you'll remember that

and you'll remember this,

I will never lose.

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