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I don't know if I'm any good or not. But here's something I recently finished. For all the conspiracy nuts out there. Constructive criticism is encouraged.

The revolution will be classified - live on channel seven
Freedom of speech is the Grand Illusion
They keep us pacified - Intimidated meditation, medication keeps us in utter confusion
Watching others get tortured for our own amusement
They allow blood splatter across our television screens
Well they deem titties get censored, too taboo to be seen
Society is brainwashed - why do you think there’s a song that tells you how to kill cops
Brake the cycle - surround yourself wit barbed wire
Arm your family with assault rifles (they make em easy to get)
They convince you that your government is gonna come for your shit
‘From My Cold Dead Hands” I just smile, I ain’t afraid to shoot it out with feds, y’all just bitch
The ones you support in office are the ones they implant to gain control
Enslave you - copy your brain, implant it within your clone
 School shooters activated by super computers
Birds are U.S. mother fucking spy drones
They orchestrate terror attacks - They now have the power to confiscate your rights
Leaving the Lady of Liberty tied up, ball gaged and ass fucked!
They got you screaming “BUILD THE WALL!” - without realizing it will only to used to encage you all
Neo-Nazis appear in public punching pundits - the President applauds them, how the FUCK did that happen?
These ‘civilized people’ will eat each other
All They want us to do is degrade and detest one another
They don’t want us fucking achieving unification and creating inspiration
They just want senseless division, frustration eventually turns to suffocation
They want all of civilization dwindling in dismay
Today is enough to drive a sane man insane.

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Reply by konwalia


wooo those would be very cool lyrics for a metal song!! sadly they sound more like reality than a conspiracy tbh

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