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Realizing My Sexuality

Hello! My name is Toby He/They please XD!

My sexuality has always been super confusing to me. I thought I was bisexual, Pansexual, then homosexual. But I have been thinking a LOT recently and have realized that dating makes me feel weird? Point being I don't what to date anyone and I never really have ever wanted to date someone. But I want to do dating type stuff with certain people so I would kind of force myself to date these people. I think I finally nailed my sexuality! Queerplatonic if you don't know what that is it's ok lol! It's a part of the Aromantic spectrum and means you can develop a kind of crush for someone that isn't really a "crush" which are called squishes! You might want to do everything a couple might do like move in or even raise kids together but like platonically. I'm sorry if I've explained this badly, I'm new to it lol! 
Anyway, if you don't mind answering what is your sexuality?

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