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The Birds Perspective

Dainty feet graze across the wooden floor

She is drowning in sinuous fabrics

She is covered in her favorite color, baby blue.

How do I know it's her favorite color?Β 

Because she looks beautiful in it.

Her hair is orange like the copper coins I collect.

Except unlike my cold coins her copper locks float through the particles in the room flawlessly

And heβ€” well he has locks like night

So dark you could get lost in those curls

His favorite color is baby blue too.

How do I know?

Because the way he looks at her in that baby blue dress says it all.

His hands softly hold her body

He grasps her hand and guides it up and around so that she may perform a perfect twirlΒ 

A laugh escapes through the window barrier to my ears

Its bubbly and Unrestrained like her

She is unrestrained in every way when she dances

If only i could dance with them

But i am restrained

Outside in the worlds cage

It might be open but all i wish for is to be in there

To be able to danceΒ 

To have them tell me i look beautiful in my baby blue feathers

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