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JoJo Update (March 2022)

Posted by Genesis


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Hey guys, sorry I have not been online for, uh idk how long- lol

I don't plan on consistently logging on, I have no connections on this site so don't expect many posts such as these any time soon.

Anyways, back to JJBA!


The JoJo Magazine came out yesterday in Japan, which had a bunch of new stuff for us in it, including:

"La Extraña Aventura de JoJo: Rey Infinito" (Lisa Lisa one shot), "Iggy the Stray Dog" (Avdol and Iggy one shot), and "Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan" episode 10, "Hot Summer Martha" which is of course starring Rohan.

Theres a bunch of other stuff in the magazine, but since there isn't a fully translated English copy online, I have to go off of Twitter:

(P8 SPOILERS AHEAD, SKIP TO NEXT PARENTHESIS TO AVOID) Tooru is the confirmed main villain of Jojolion, so we can stop arguing about that! (End of spoilers) There is no information regarding part 9 (Jojolands) in the magazine.

This is all the information I have recieved so far, feel free to comment anything else you find out :)


All Star Battle is being remastered, now called All Star Battle R. It will be released this fall for the PlayStation, Switch,  Xbox and PC. There will be 10 new fighters added to the game, including Trish and Prosciutto (personally I'm hoping for Yasuho, if they can make Rohan a fighter, they can make her one too!).

Anime Figures

New Jojo anime figures are constantly being released, but yesterday images of the part 6 Jotaro Nendoroid's painted prototype were released and he's super cute: https://twitter.com/medicos_et_j/status/1504850118494752776?s=20&t=G755aJzRKsXYhpem92Rr0g
^ if you wanna see the pictures

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing ok, I'll randomly show up again at some point :) <3

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Sooo excited for the new Jojo game!!! <3

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