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Today I successfully painted my own (broken) nails and used a new face moisturizer and I feel amazing

I got some olay rejuvenation thingy and it feels so soft

What's your favorite face product's outside of foundation and makeup?

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Reply by ani raina gypsy


I like st Ives scrubs & creams. they smell soooo good!

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Reply by eva_bae


i love sleeping masks and this new cleanser i got from keys it smells like a spa treatment, but i also love my serumss

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Reply by Ella Louise


Cleanser: cerave hydrating foam to cleanser and Clinique take the day off. 

Moisturiser: cerave 
Serums: ordinary (hylauronic, caffeine and niacinamide)
toner: Mario badescu spray 
exfoliator: Clinique clarifying lotion 
Mask: glamglow supermud 

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Reply by steakfish


cleanser: cerave foaming cleanser

toner: cosrx centella toner

serum: the ordinary niacinimide serum

moisturizer: the tatcha water cream

sunscreen: beauty of joseon sunscreen or the biore aqua rich watery essence

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