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AUTISTIC FOLK! Share your special interests!

I love hearing about what makes you passionate
My Special Interests include...
Adult Animation, such as Futurama, Inside job or Bojack horseman, BUT i'm especially interested in South Park. 
SCP!! I LVOE SCP!! Though it's difficult for me to read, learning more about the vast and detailed world makes it all worth it. 
Zombies. I love anything zombie, especially video games such as L4D2, TWD and Killing Floor. 
Lastly, Bioshock!! This sort of ties in with Zombies in a way but I think it has its own thing. My favorite game is the original and my least favorite is the final installment. I am going to get a bioshock tattoo soon!

I will find a way to relate anything to my special interests heehee

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Reply by Ms Myspace


It's mostly Pokemon, otherkin/alterhumanity, and (regrettably) systems. Web development might be sneaking in there but I have no idea if it's a SpIn or hyperfix at this point

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Reply by icarus lukas


i& are really into linguistics/conlanging :D we have a conlang idea w/ a lot of like clicks and syllabic fricatives and like. idk we wanna try n have vocal fry as a phoneme? wanna make it sound like buggy n shit.

i think alastyr specifically is into like. particle physics n weird science shit. he spent like 40m on wikipedia reading about weird/exotic phases of matter a few days ago


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Reply by Dead Weight


Reading stuff... like, a serious, intervention-level reading problem.
Cape stuff mostly, I'm way invested in superheroes.
The only thing keeping me in check is my executive dysfunction.

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