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What is everyone's favorite doctor who episode?

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Reply by toopeebaba


either heaven sent or parting of the ways :)

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Reply by george


turn left because its genuinely heartbreaking and its an interesting concept. classic who id have to go with the mind robber though because it is just nonsense.

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Reply by mia


can't pick just one! [also trying to watch old doctor who I promise]

9th doctor- end of the world and the empty child

10th doctor- girl in the fireplace, family of blood/human nature, blink, voyage of the damned,          waters of mars

11th doctor- vincent and the doctor, town called mercy, power of three

12th doctor- robot of sherwood, mummy on the orident express, heaven sent

13th doctor- rosa, fugitive of the judoon, Nikola tesla 

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Reply by cyber-mimikyu


the magician's apprentice/the witch's familiar! i'm a missy stan

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