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Yo! You can refer to me as "Pucho Almighty" or simply "Pucho". I've been into ICP since like (circa, 2007) when I first heard the song "Chicken Huntin Slaughterhouse Remix" in the video game Backyard Wrestling: There Goes The Neighborhood and I've been hooked ever since. The first album I bought from them was their 2007 CD The Tempest and the first Joker's Card I bought was The Great Milenko*.

*I believe I might of misspelled it but whatever I don't feel like Googling it lol.

P.S: If you want to know anything else about me just check out my profile.

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Reply by Relish Ubiquitous


I grew up in the Bay Area in California and got into ICP around 1997.Β  I saw them in a wrestling magazine (a blurb when they were in ECW) and kept coming across their name.Β  I had a dream once where I saw the Ringmaster not knowing what it was and eventually came across it in real life at a record store.Β  Whether or not I had already seen the cover before the dream and just forgot about it might be purely speculation.Β  Sister's boyfriend was a Juggalo through which I came across Riddlebox on cassette.Β  By a bunch of coincidences is how I became down with the clown.Β  I like to think it was the dark carnival guiding all of this like an attractor.Β  I always had that outcast/scrub mentality.Β  So everything made sense.

As the World Wide Web began to allow ninjas to connect I made a bunch of homies, including Tracy Juggalo Crew, Sactown Ninjas, Reno Rydas etc.Β  The early 2000s was where things were really popping.Β  Mini gatherings, wrestling events, shows, etc.Β  Those were super good times and crews were mad tight.Β  I got to experience GOTJ 2002 and 2003.Β  So much freshness

For the past decade I moved away and am now closer to Utah.Β  I made it to GOTJ 2016 and hit up a few ICP shows (Hempfest in Las Vegas, Riddlebox in SLC etc.)

Also, my juggalo name is actually Malakai or what most peeps know me as.Β  I still use this as Malakai Beats.

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Reply by Blinker Champion


I'm not really sure what I should say for my into lol

My name is Codi. I was born in Louisiana but moved to Arkansas a few years ago. I met a few people and made some friends but have not kept a lot of them. I learned about ICP when I was in the 4th or 5th grade from this thing called gacha life. I was really into but I'm not anymore. I'm now 14 and am going into my freshman year of Highschool. I'm not really excited but I'm ready to see the people I care about. I'm not really family involved. My mom is an asshole and my step-dad just ignores me. I have two sisters. I'm the middle child out of the three of us. Both of them are very annoying. I really like music, art, sewing, and writing. I write a lot of books on wattpad but I'm trying to get my own books done and then publish them. I like writing a lot.

That's me :]

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Reply by blaire β˜…


hi, I'm Blaire. I'm 15, and got into ICP around..last year?? i can't exactly remember lol. but yeah I really like ICP.

whoop whoop

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Reply by www.indigo.xyz


hellooo ! i'm indigo, and i got into icp like,, 2019? 2018? sometime then, and have loved em ever since. whoop whoop

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