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"a thought" part 2

Posted by SPR1NKL3Z DA SC3N3 K1D


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alright, so,

last time i said how i was confused how there are antis in the hetalia fandom with the amount of ships antis would absolutely hate (itacest, germancest, usuk, norice, spamano, amecan, etc.) and, like, it got me thinking pretty much about 'why antis involve themselves in media they deem problematic while also complaining / ranting / talking about how "problematic" it is???'

so, can we also just agree that, no matter how much you dislike a ship or ship trope, SENDING PEOPLE DEATH THREATS / GORE / ACTUAL CP / HARASSMENT IS NOT OKAY

like, i don't like the ships Mennard (micheal Afton x Ennard) or BillDip (Bill Chipher x Dipper Pines) but im not gonna tell [insert random name here] to ctrl alt delete themselves

i get if you just don't like a ship or it makes your uncomfy that's fine

every ship you can think of already has been and will continue to be shipped,, theres really nothing u can do except focus on what you like and not harass people

who agrees that these are fictional characters we can ship in any way, but knows what ship tropes aren't okay in real life and know that what someone ships doesnt reflect their morals (or am i the only one who thinks this)

sorry this rant was long i needed to get this off my chest somewhere i didnt feel incredibly scared,,

anyways, other group memebers, how r u? later i'm gonna try and find a reading of hetalia episode 23.5 (creepypasta)

- kaelin the hetalian / doitsuist / igirisuist

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