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Out of all the books which was your favorite?

Out of all the books my favorite was Silence of the Lambs, why? Because Clarice Starling enters the picture *lip bite*

Explain why which particular book you chose is your favorite

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my favorite book so far is The Red Dragon. it was so sad but the backstory of francis dolarhyde was interesting to read about. i also love the characters in this book, which we see much more of in the hannibal television series on nbc. 

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Red Dragon has got my heart, just as is Hannibal, and The Silence of The Lambs. It’s difficult to choose favourites as the series was as great as it is to read. (In chronological order)

Hannibal Rising is also a nice read in terms of familiarising Hannibal’s upbringing, but admittedly doesn’t reach the standards of the other three.

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