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Opinions about the newest Scream movie...SPOLIERS if you haven't seen it yet!

So a few weeks ago I went and watched the new Scream that came out this year with my fiancé, and had a few opinions on it as I've always loved the Scream franchise since the first one was made. There were so ups and downs with the new one (like any movie of course). I thoroughly enjoyed the plot/storyline of this one but was HIGHLY disappointed by the reveal of who the killer/killers were. Before AND upon watching it I had really big hopes that the killer at least one of them was going to be Stu because he was upset that he didn't get as much fame and recognition as Billy did. I wanted to have it be that he survived the ending of the first Scream and ended up going on a rampage to remind everyone that he too was at the beginning of it all. SO ANYWAYS! I just wanted to chit chat and see what other opinions everyone else might have had about it.

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Reply by Frankie


I actually really likes it. I've been seeing some hate on the movie because some say they didn't like who the killer was and I have to say that I disagree. I personally LOVED amber as the killer. Although I could tell it was her from the beginning because of the mannerisms, her acting all innocent was very convincing! I specifically liked the part at the near end where amber comes out of Stu's house and says "HE STABBED ME" and Sidney and Gale were like "What do you think" ... "Trap" it was so like cool and then when amber said "fuck it" and then attempted to shoot them gosh I just love the scream movies...

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Reply by Haydiebear


i actually really loved the movie, i was so glad to see skeet back in the movie as billy for a few scenes, made me very happy—i honestly did not expect richie to be the killer, though amber was very predictable :))

id give it a solid 9/10

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