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The Things about FriendProject website

Posted by Jason Anderson


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How many of you have a FriendProject? Do you still have it? 

The Thing about FriendProject is its the 1st clone website of the classic MySpace site at 1st peoples loved it but peoples didn't stayed much and most of them Deleted their accounts and I know Why they did because their is a dark side of the site and how its run by. It's sounds like the site run by Christians freaks , There isn't much information about its founding or history. And there is a link in their menu saying knowing god.

A lot of peoples are leaving the website for good reasons.

I'm planning on leaving FriendProject site sometime this year. So If any of you thinking about Joining FriendProject If I was you Don't do it 

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Reply by blobcat


knowing god in the menu is actually what threw me off in the first few seconds when i opened the website lmao 

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Reply by root


Sounds pretty wack

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