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Any tips for new players?

I've recently started playing tf2 and I've been playing mostly on training because I'm a bit scared of playing with other people so I wanted to know if anyone could give me tips for playing with certain characters or do's and dont's for the game

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Reply by Vinny


just do whatever man! I'd say watch a couple tf2 youtubers if they have videos on like certain things to do. but tbh just don't listen to people who give you shit for playing the game! also its important to remember to not be an asshole to other people! and also just play the class that you wanna play! no matter if you are good at them ore not, if you like playing them then play them :]

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Reply by kaleidopsy


i see a lot of newer players getting caught by pyro a lot, id say a good tip for combatting a pyro is to just, back up. most pyros youll come across try to just run forward and hold down the left click.

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