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trend dump #1

i wanted to ask the people of spacehey what the trends in their countries are like...

how's the fashion atmosphere in your country? mine is kinda ehh... checkerboard shorts and pants are really in, and blonde doesn't seem to go away soon, so is the case for orange, and pranella pants (aka plaid pajama pants) are so in right now, and apparently people are heads over heels over 'korean' shirts...

what's the trends like in your country?

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Reply by DanderFly


Well in New York state? Sweatpants, hoodies, sweatpants, hoodies, blue masks EVERYWHERE!! I'm sick of it man! Hehe good question tho. *(>v0)

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Reply by Xx halfempty xX


lol! i get why though, in the pandemic, you either go all out or go home when it comes to outfit choices!

but atleast they aren't going out without masks!

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Reply by nico


im in northwest canada and its kinda boring tbh... mostly just baggy jeans, chunky sneakers, and puffy hoodies

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