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Journey’s End Tavern (Forum Game)

Posted by diogenes


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(just feeling bored, wanted to throw out a thread idea and see whats fun) 

Your character is sitting in an extensive tavern for folks at the end of long journeys. They all came from different places, but it seems like others want to hear your story. Describe your character appearance, and then describe your character’s story. if you want, maybe they have something to say to one of the other characters! At the end, lead into the next person’s story with 
“After sharing their tale, -character-‘s attention was diverted to…”

starting the chain in first reply. be polite please!

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The first person to enter the tavern that day was middle-aged wise-cracking warrior. A large sword adorned their belt, and a wistful smile across their face. The warrior smiled at the barkeep, and ordered a drink. it was the end of a long journey, filled with trials and skirmishes. Enemies fought, rivals defeated. Now, the warrior took to their new favorite pastime, watching the travelers who frequented the bar. Some strange but all interesting, they enjoyed meeting the new acquaintances and sharing tales over a stiff drink.

After sharing their tale with the barkeep, the warrior’s attention was diverted to…

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