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What ever happened to MySpaceRetro??

Have anyone ever sign up to a site called MySpaceRetro A site was made by Kris Galante back in 2016 ? Its a MySpace clone site that had everything what Classic MySpace had.Β 

What happened to the site? I heard that MySpace threaten to Sue them and that's why they are gone.Β 

Still if that is true.Β  Why MySpace care about their site? Myspace.com died on Nov 16, 2010 when they changed what MySpace was, That's why everyone left.Β 

Careful An MySpace could do the same thing to you like they did to Kris.

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Reply by EngiQu33ring


I wouldn't be surprised if it was litigation from MySpace that shut them down. In order to maintain a trademark, you have to defend it whenever blatant infringement comes up or you risk losing it entirely. It's kind of a dumb system because it means that even if someone is using your IP in a way you're perfectly okay with, you're still at risk of losing trademark rights if you don't either send a cease-and-desist/threaten litigation or get them to enter into some kind of licensing agreement with you.

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Reply by Elohimless πŸ€˜πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·


Never used the site but I doubt MySpace "sued", that clone and/or that, they'll "sue" SpaceHey (I don't think the parent company of MySpace, the Meredith Corporation cares about any clones out there). . .the other clone Friend Project has been around since like 2008 and they've never sued*.Β 

P.S: Even though MySpace is longer the king of social media, if they announced they were going to sue a company some mainstream press would of picked up on it and written an article.Β 

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