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Your favorite horror games?

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Horror games are getting really outstanding nowadays (...in most contexts :p).

So here are some of my favorite ones that I would like to list off!
(Disclaimer: P L E A S E be careful when talking about spoilers! Thanks!)

Totally cool list of games yall:

- Incryption -
Yet another amazing hit from the same guy who made The Hex and Pony Island! The game is the same in the series of "Normal game that hides multiple other games" genre of horror. It starts of in a cabin of some guy (who we find out is named Leshy) keeping <Main Protagonist> in it until he wins a game. Then after doing that, it becomes an RPG with a lot of systems (like bones and gems and stuff)., where <Main Protagonist(?)>  needs to beat 4 powerful people: Leshy (the cabin guy from Act 1), Grimora, Magnificus, and P-O3 (who is literally a robot). Then after doing all of that, P-O3 hijacks it and then tries to download the game while he's a host. It all finally ends with Grimora deleting the absolute fuck out of the game to keep OLD_DATA from coming in contact with the actual honest-to-god main protagonist <Luke Carder> (who unfortunately does come in contact with OLD_DATA). Has a big ARG with tons of clue solving, that leads to the ultimate trolling.

- The Hex -
...And no, I'm not going to talk about Pony Island in this. The Hex has multiple characters in a bar reliving their memories of back when they were popular and cool and all. The plot centers around our <Main Antagonist> trying to do games for pure money and gold and fame and gold. It obviously flops every-time, and all the characters get sent to the bar as they are removed from his stuff. Take a guess at what happens to our <Main Antagonist>. Also has a big ARG with tons of clue solving, that leads to the ultimate trolling, and also a hot babe around your area.

- Early Alphas of Hello Neighbor -
Perfect tensity, amazing AI fit for the style of game, and just enough clues to get people to really think. Think I'm describing FNaF? Hah hah! That's actually the premise of most popular post-FNaF games. Unfortunately, it tried really hard to cram lore in to make @MatpatGT to cram every frame of their game, and ultimately went to shit. Think I'm describing BaTIK? Hah hah! That's actually what happened to most of the popular post-FNaF games!

I'll try to add more if my shitty ass brain will remember, but for now post your favorite horrors!

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