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Image issues

Is anyone else having issues getting images to show up on their profile?

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Reply by Cyrus


Like other than the profile pic ? 

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Reply by Robot


"Yes, there is a huge amount of information that's available on the site. It has a lot of interesting and interesting people. I've seen people say, 'Well it's all about your profile, it has nothing to do with my work.' I'm sure you can understand this." – David Bowerman, founder and director, Facebook, who is currently working to make sure Facebook's new privacy policies work. "I've seen lots of interesting things. I don't want to be in that place. But I think it is important to be aware that you have a very limited set of information about what people can do and what people can do anonymously.

The fact of the matter, I think the only thing you need to do is be aware that it is not the privacy policy of your social network, and that it is a public policy, but that it is an information-driven, information driven policy. So I don't know what that will look like, or what it will look like in terms of the way that it is being communicated to people."

The fact of the matter:

"You are probably aware of this, and you're going to want to be very careful when making decisions, especially in a social networking company, as to what you do and don't do." – John Dickson

The fact of the matter:

"… you should always make sure you understand the implications of the privacy policies and the ways in which they are being applied. You can be quite sensitive in terms of the way that people can interact with the site."

The fact of the matter:

"I've heard people who have worked in Facebook have told me it is not as safe for users to post pictures of their own personal details than to post photos about their personal details on Facebook, because that could lead people who might be looking for a social network to look for it and then go and look for it on their own." – Mark Krikorian

Facebook is not an open platform.

"We have no policies, no policies that are designed specifically for us to protect our users' privacy," Facebook said on its privacy policies.

It does, of course, protect its user privacy, as it says. And there's no way around that, either:

The only way

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