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Emo/Punk/Goth/Alt Friend Thread

hey hey!! the name's tobias. am 21 years old and looking for new friends!

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Gender Identity:
Favourite Bands:
Favourite Shows:
Horror or Comedy?:
Do you watch anime?:
     -If so, what?:
Favourite Games?:
Pokémon, Digimon or YuGiOh!:
reply in this forum thread! i'll go first. also, feel free to attach a picture of yourself. :)

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Reply by xXxHereLiesTobeefxXx


Name: Tobias (Toby)
Age: 21
Gender Identity: Male (He/Him)
Hobbies: Drawing, Listening  to Music, Gaming, and Coding
Clique: Emo
Sub-Clique: Mid - Late 2000's Emo
Favourite Bands: Three Days Grace, Crown the Empire, BMTH, PTV, BVB, Sleeping with Sirens, Dir en Grey, Get Scared, Slipknot, Citizen Soldier, Motionless in White, and a lot more...
Favourite Shows: Adventure Time, The Midnight Gospel, The Big Lez Show, My Little Pony: FiM
Horror or Comedy?: Horror
Do you watch anime?: Sometimes
     -If so, what?: Tokto Ghoul, Blood C, No Game No Life, and a few others I can't think of..
Favourite Games?: Skyrim, Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Pokémon, The Sims 2-4, 
Pokémon, Digimon or YuGiOh!: Pokémon
This is me :)

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Reply by emolovestory


Name: Shina
Age: 25
Gender Identity: Female 
Hobbies: Music, cooking, going out, true crime, comedy, tripping, beauty etc.
Clique: Emo
Sub-Clique: Same as yours tbh I'm a late myspace era emo and still in love with all the same bands as a decade ago. XD
Favourite Bands: Paramore, Flyleaf, Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, Haste The Day, It Dies Today & many many more.
Favourite Shows: Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, Futurama, Simpsons etc.
Horror or Comedy?: Comedy usually!
Do you watch anime?: 
     -If so, what?: Sometimes I need to get more into it but idk where to say!
Favourite Games?: Pokemon, Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Earthbound, LoZ, basically anything Nintendo.
Pokémon, Digimon or YuGiOh!: Pokemon is #1 for me always but the others are lovely too! ^.^

My PFP is me (:

All emos can add me or anyone as long as you share some similar interests x

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