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10/14/21: contemporary movement by duster!!

here's the link for listening ^^

i just discovered this and i absolutely adore it. this album is so nice to listen to. there is nothing more comforting than the slightly melancholic distorted guitar sound in this album. the lo-fi sound of the instruments is so nice and it just all blends together in my eardrums and aaahhh. of course, my personal favorite from duster (stratosphere) is totally unbeatable, but i wanted to give some attention to a lesser known album. i hope you guys enjoy, and so sorry for forgetting abt this group!!

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Reply by 0ojimmyraree3


this sounds absoloutly fantastic!!!

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Reply by Nigu


ah yes, this album rocks!! in a very subdued way tho xD  i like the longer format sogns in this one especiaky when they go onto extended one-chord strums like in travelogue and cooking -w- its certainy up there with stratosphere imo

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