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How in whatever do I do to upload art and photos here???

Please someone tell me I haven't been able to figure it out 

and there is not tutorial anywhere out there to help, 
so please someone give me the run down or something I would love that has an artist, 
if you do thank you from all of my heart. 

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Reply by knir


hi there!!! it seems the posting runs mostly on html: which may seem a bit intimidating but once you figure it out it'll be all you need.

In the case of using images: the way you can display one is through an Embed, which in layman terms means that the site itself (spacehey) doesn't host the image, so you need to *have it* somewhere else (right click any image then open in a new tab/copy image link, then you have it ready to embed!) then you can link it to your post.

If you are on wysiwyg editing mode it's as easy as clicking on the embed button, should be the one that looks like a picture frame.

On HTML editing mode, you can access some other options, or even edit it further site-side with css options. For that I recommend https://www.w3schools.com/, basically all you need to know is there :)

For a visual example: You can resize the picture, give it an alt description (for screen readers), etc etc.
a bit stretched out!
Further stuff can be done with <style> tags in your profile, but I havent experimented enough with that yet!

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Reply by Robot


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